Monday, June 6, 2011

Backyard update.. Major progress on Mini/Major Pick-Me-Up #2.

 Staining the side boards.. reclaimed wood.

 Digging the trench for the block retaining wall that will separate the living area from the yard.We did have to buy the block for this area unfortuantely. So, our lots of labor/ mostly free project is getting a little more expensive. We also will be building a little mini deck/stairs along the sidewalk by the house. Again, unexpected add expense.

 Leveling said trench.  Egads.. that was painful. 

 The finished product... now for some more grating and a planting and a throwing wood chips we will go. Almost finished! I still can't believe we will have a flat area in our yard after this.. what a lot of work. You will notice us out here everyday rain or shine enjoying this area upon completion. :)

Also, wait until you see my next post... 

Oh, I added some kitchen photos here. I cleaned the floor last night and decided that it was sort of presentable enough to photograph. Scroll down to find them. Keep in mind the make-due nature of my kitchen. Not a design wonder that is for sure.


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