Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One hot summer.

Need I say more? If you know me, you know I will. I live in Minnesota...maybe you do too? Temperatures have been averaging about 90 degrees this summer. I have come to relinquish myself to excitement when they say there is a "cool down" coming. To me a REAL cool down would be considered 75 beautiful, comfortable, windows open, luxurious degrees. Well not so much. Apparently this now means 85 degrees and a bit less humidity. True to form, I will tell you that it sucks. My flowers look bad, my tan has faded from staying inside, and my house hasn't known the feel of a fresh breeze in days and days.

Let me give you a short list of things to do regardless of the heat. I am not suggesting you do all of these, but maybe one or two. Take my advice for what it is worth, and try to enjoy the new standard in summer temps.

1. Make a trip to the bathroom to cut your own bangs after having them one length for 2 years because you are stir crazy. It's a trip. I know from experience.

2. Eat ice cream everyday. If it makes you feel better, eat frozen yogurt. There really isn't a difference. Hate to burst your bubble. 

3. Have a picnic in your living room. Get takeout and wine, throw down a blanket, and have a picnic in the air conditioning. It's fun when you can eat without sweating. 

4. Make plans for a winter vacation. Go someplace warm to bring you back to your summer memories. Perhaps hell would work for this? Or you could just try Jamaica.

5. Check on your neighbors. Especially if they are older. Heat is hard on people...make sure they are doing alright during these long stretches.

6. Finish every project you have ever started in your house. When you do this, let me know and I will let you come and finish mine too. I will feed you lunch. 

7. Adopt an animal and then spend lots and lots of time bonding. Cats or dogs are preferred. Bonding with a snake...not so much fun. Remind me to tell you the story about the time we babysat a snake and I thought it might like swimming in the tub. I can tell you that I was wrong.

8. Get some good books and spend a day out of the week reading. I have a stockpile that I have been reading and it's a wonderful form of escapism. Fifty Shades of Grey is still sitting half finished on my Nook. Why they think a baby boom will come from that I will never know. I've never read such horrible writing. Ever. 

9. Talk to yourself and say "when it cools down I will start walking and exercising more". Then call yourself a big, fat, ice cream eating liar because you know you won't. Did you go walking when it was 10 degrees last winter? Ummm, I didn't think so.

10. Do something nice for someone. Smile at them, bring them dinner, take them to a movie, or just write them a note to tell them you appreciate them. See, I'm not all bad. 

Now let me leave you with this...

It's right around the corner so enjoy what you have today or look forward to tomorrow. I'm not sure about you, but I think I'll just live in the moment. Give me 6 months and I'll be complaining about that too.

Enjoy your summer!


  1. Stacy! I LOVE this post. Thank you for being real and honest. Smiling from ear to ear here. You have a nook? Love mine. If you ever want to trade books, my nookfriends account is janpeoples72 at ~SewSowinLove

  2. Jan! I'm glad you like the post. I'm pretty honest when it comes to complaining! Let me figure out what my nookfriends account is and we can start trading books. I am slow to this process! Stay cool this summer. -Stacy


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