Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urban Style...inspired by Jackie.

Today's inspiration comes from this woman...

Every picture that I see of Jackie could have been taken today. Her style was timeless, beautiful, elegant, and classic. We could wear any of her outfits today. Now that, my friends, is perfect style!

So we'll begin with this dress. It's from Ann Taylor and is $148 plus another 30% off right now. The brings it down to about a hundred dollars. I'd say that's darn good considering it's a dress you could wear forever.

For shoes we're going to go with a shorter wedge heel with an open toe. I found these on Amazon for $89.  I love adding just a little bit of leopard to the outfit so it's not too overdone. Leopard print is a timeless classic too...don't be afraid to wear it!

We're going to keep the earrings really simple and just go with a freshwater pearl earring from Overstock. They run about $34. Again, pearls are CLASSIC. Are you sensing a theme here?

Last, let's not forget these. They're pretty much Jackie's signature style. These just happen to be from RayBan and run about $140. Again, you will where them forever so don't be afraid to spend this on them. 

Now go and buy these things, or find some good reproductions of them and get your Jackie on!


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