Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mini pick-me-up...yes, I'm being serious!

I know you all have one of these and I would encourage you to replace it once in a while. I got my new one at Home Depot and you can find one there too! So here it goes...

Wait...you don't see that? Maybe you can see this...

Sorry for the flash glare, but can you see that scratch? It's gotta go! Can you guess what this is? I know you're fooled because I put the cute heart around it. Let me give you a hint...

I told you we all have one! I was sick of looking at that ugly scratch on my toilet seat so I got a new one! To be exact I got this toilet seat. It was cheap. Cheap like one latte at my favorite coffee shop.  So don't tell me you can't afford this mini (and inexpensive) pick-me-up! I had about ten minutes so here's how it went...

I unscrewed the bolts underneath the seat. I was not looking forward to this part, but I did it anyway. All for the greater good....I did this for you. If I can do it then I know, for a fact, that you can too!

Once I got the seat off I remembered how much I loved France. They don't have toilet seats in France, you see. So off I go to Home Depot to return the toilet seat. It's all about saving this year so I might as well suck it up and go without! I sorta like this new "clean" look. What do you think?

No can do! Here's the new one. Ten minutes and $5.74 and I have a new start in life. Happy buns for me! Now go get a new toilet seat and see how good you feel. I'll see you back here in a few days with a more colorful, creative project that I'm working on. Don't say I didn't do you any favors.

Au revoir,


  1. OH...I thought you like France because of the aeu de Toilette.......this I guess is the commode de toilette. (Go to bed, Carole!)

  2. I had the hebbie jeegies for you seeing your hand unscrew your old toilet seat. Fortunately, I know your house is extra spic and span, otherwise it may have put me over the edge!


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